Deb Success Stories

Before working with Deb I had difficulty connecting with my emotions. I had feelings of anxiety and fear that would take me over. I had an overwhelming feeling of being less than in everything I did. These feelings made it very difficult to function. I had a lot of fear.

During our time together, I was able to release a lot of pent-up emotion. I was unaware that I was unconsciously suppressing deep sadness and guilt. Deb created a safe space for me to just be, without fear or judgement.

I had private sessions and shamanic breathwork workshops with Deb that both facilitated my release. It felt so good to let go.

As a result of the work, I can now easily feel and release my emotions. Just in writing this I am recalling the feeling of being lighter and happier. My sessions with Deb were easy and fun!

The biggest success for me is that now I feel fearless, nothing is really that big of a deal. My life has become interesting and inspiring versus my old way of being fearful and difficult. Connecting with Deb brought me back to joy. I started my own business, traveled and created more self love.

Recently, I jumped fearlessly back into my lifelong career of building and selling homes. At 58 years young I can feel love for myself! It’s now a joy to support and be with others in a whole new way with my new way of being – fully inspired, free and with a love of life I never felt before.

I appreciate you Deb. You facilitated my way back to joy. I am forever grateful. I appreciate our connection so much!!!

Char Adelmann,
Realtor/Yoga Instructor
Lakeville, Minnesota

In my early fifties, I found myself divorcing after 28 years of marriage. Though we had problems through our years together, we always worked hard on our relationship, and I really felt like I would be married to this man for life. And we hadn’t “drifted apart” as many describe, so I felt as if half my nervous system was being ripped out. It seemed like I was dealing with all the pain of my whole life all at once. I was lost in grief and uncertain how I could rebuild my life.

During that time, Deb provided crucial support, guidance, and wisdom throughout the process. Every time I spoke with her, she helped me feel grounded and that everything was moving forward to something better. And her guidance was always done is such a lovely, supportive, empowering way, gently guiding me on a healing path.

Today I’m at peace, more than I’ve ever been in my life. And it feels as though I carry Deb’s wisdom and guidance with me always now because I had such steady, calm support moving me through this difficult time. My thoughts and feelings are gentler and more self-loving as a habit now. She gave me lifelong skills in checking in with myself to make choices that align with my values and what’s important to me. With more love and peace in my heart, I’m able to share more love and peace with others – and that’s what matters most to me. My life has joy and purpose again.

– KK, San Francisco Bay Area, California

Sue - Much Gratitude

Deb, while cheering you on for the adventures ahead, I find desire to pause here, with “thank you!”

You changed my world with your group programs and women’s circles. That feels like such an understatement. We moved boulders in peeling away old layers that no longer fit and opened a whole new path forward.

With much gratitude,


Minneapolis, Minnesota