Helping Women Re-Create Their Lives In Answer To Their Soul’s Calling

Re-Creation Coaching

Shamanic Re-Creation Facilitation

If you are going through a significant change like divorce, death of a loved one, a health crisis, or simply a feeling of increasing discontent with your life, I can help. Knowing that you have a confident and loving person with first-hand experience there to guide and support you is invaluable.

Shamanic Re-Creation Facilitation is an opportunity for you to commit to your personal transformation and go from  exhaustion, overwhelm or heartbreak to confidence, connection, and joy with someone who has been there. Through 1-on-1 sessions, online and in-person groups, and occasional retreats, you will receive support and guidance while navigating the changing emotions, thoughts, structures, and dreams that are all part of heeding your soul’s calling and living the life you long for.

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Deb is proud to be among the authors of the Amazon #1 Bestseller Shamanic Breathwork: The Nature of Change.

Chapter 7 – Death and Rebirth: Divorce as Shamanic Initiation.

Listen to her interview with publisher Laura Di Franco here.

While Divorce may be the death of one way of being in the world, it is also the beginning of Rebirth into the next octave of your life.